PRINCE® P-10 Ester

PRINCE® P-10 ESTER is specifically designed and produced for high performance motorbikes among sports bike, street bike, road bike, off road bike and others.

PRINCE® P-10 ESTER technology is reinforced in low traction co-efficient Ester compound to significantly improve engine performance and reduce internal friction losses.

This formulation that combines PRINCE® P-10 ESTER and innovative additives delivers the most efficient friction levels to ensure the clutch engagement during riding modes like accelerating and constant speed cruising.

PRINCE® P-10 ESTER features synergy of Ester with outstanding shear resistance and anti-wear additives for maximum gear protection and prolong engine life.

Latest Technology

Our lubricant products are produced by advanced and beneficial components

Quality Assurance

We guarantee quality end products through our stringent In-Process Quality Control (IPQC)

Brand Recognition

PRINCE LUBRICANTS has been presented in 25 countries worldwide


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