Creation made Emotion

Our company offers plenty of innovative products with our know-how. Back to the days where many professional racing teams came to us, we raised the bar in the making of Ester based high-performance racing lubricant by developed our proprietary P-12 Ester molecules combined with our already remarkable P-9 Ester Technology, provide a greater wide temperature performance, more shear stable, more power and protection compared to what they were using. Since then they have been sticking around with us!

PRINCE® P-9 + P-12 DOUBLE ESTER & PAO FORMULATION is specifically developed and formulated using exceptional quality and high polarity Group V ESTER and Group IV PAOs (Polyalphaolefins) base stocks with specially chosen anti-wear and anti-foam additives for racing, high performance and heavily modified vehicles.

This particular combination by PRINCE® using 100% ESTER and PAOs together with additive properties offer ultimate protection against oxidation due to excellent heat resistance. PAOs is a remarkably pure compound that contains no wax, phosphorus and sulphur content. Our formulation creates less friction between chemical structures which allows the oil to become “more slippery” effectively.

PRINCE® P-9 + P-12 DOUBLE ESTER & PAO FORMULATION achieves a secure lubrication layer thanks to the unique formulation giving maximum protection against foaming even at extreme driving conditions and high operating temperatures.

The perfect combination of ESTER and PAOs features multiple benefits which include high resistance to thermal breakdown, excellent metal-wetting ability, superb film strength, good shear stability and outstanding cold flow properties.

Latest Technology

Our lubricant products are produced by advanced and beneficial components

Quality Assurance

We guarantee quality end products through our stringent In-Process Quality Control (IPQC)

Brand Recognition

PRINCE LUBRICANTS has been presented in 25 countries worldwide


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