About Us

Princelube (Asia) Pte Ltd, is the license holder for the brand Prince Lubricants for Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand with the formulation from Prince USA. Princelube (Asia) Pte. Ltd. is also an OEM service provider for branded lubricant manufacturers. Throughout its history, Princelube (Asia) Pte. Ltd., has depended on advanced and the latest lubrication technology for its forefront product development. It now has a comprehensive range of products that meet and/or exceed the global market requirements. Prince Lubricants is also certified by the SAE Institute and has the API license.

Princelube offers a full range of automotive, industrial and marine lubricants. This includes the top-tier, high-performance, 100% Synthetic Engine Oils, formulated with their latest P-9 and P-12 ester-based technology. Other products such as Medium and High Speed Diesel Engine Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, Anti-wear Hydraulic Oils, Neat and Soluble Cutting Oils, Rust Preventives and Greases are readily available.

With an ISO 9001-certified manufacturing plant in Singapore for Asia and a German manufacturing plant for Europe, Princelube (Asia) Pte Ltd, is well-equiped to meet the demand of the fast growing Global markets, and is particularly active in the Asian regions with it’s business parameter growing steadily to Europe, Africa, Middle East and Australia. Its high-speed, modern blending processes allow Princelube (Asia) Pte Ltd to respond timely and accurately to customers’ needs, including large bulk orders.

The companys’ up-to-date Research and Development department also functions as its Technical Center. Its fully equipped laboratory manned by a team of skilled chemists and technicians continuously conduct tests, research and development for the next generation of optimum performance products with consistent quality. Princelube (Asia) Pte Ltd is a reliable supplier of quality products based on proven technology, at the best value.