Yes. Prince Lubricants are 100% compatible with all type of base oil including synthetic, partly synthetic and mineral oils. When switching to using Prince Lubricants products from other products in the market, no special procedures are necesary to taken.

Certainly. Prince Lubricants manufacture engine oil products that meet or even exceed the requirement of majority original equipment manufacturers (OEM) standards.

Yes. Prince Lubricants FSR series are formulated engine oils with an even more complete additive package that enhances long term use. Prince FSR 10W60, 5W50, 5W30, 0W40 can be used in daily driver applications and further enhance and dedicate to racing and competition applications.

Both FS1 and FS2 Fully Synthetic range of products have the same chemically modified petroleum components, artificially made elements, additives, etc. The main difference of FS1 and FS2 is that FS1 product range contains Prince’ patented P9-ESTER technology that offer the advantages of higher viscosity indexes, higher thermal stability, higher flash points, lower temperature fluidity and enhance oxidation resistance. Yet do not misunderstand that Prince’ FS2 is also an outstanding fully synthetic products that deliver multiple benefits to your vehicle.

We are using Group V base oils for Ester based products and Group III for non-Ester based products.

We strongly recommend against mixing the use of any oil additives products. As we know that engine oils are formulated and blended with a perfect balance of additives which possess the ability to anti-wear, anti-foam, inhibits oxidation & corrosion, dipersants, etc. Thence, more additive to participates is not necessarily better. Besides, using oil additive products in a wrong manner could easily upset the balance resulting in reduced engine performance in many cases.

Latest Technology

Our lubricant products are produced by advanced and beneficial components

Quality Assurance

We guarantee quality end products through our stringent In-Process Quality Control (IPQC)

Brand Recognition

PRINCE LUBRICANTS has been presented in 25 countries worldwide


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